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Teck Resources Ltd (USA) (NYSE:TCK)’s Cardinal River Operations Earned TSM Leadership Award

Boston, MA 10/08/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Teck Resources Ltd (USA) (NYSE:TCK)’s Cardinal River Operations were awarded a special Towards Sustainable Mining Leadership Award on Monday.

According to an article, the Canada-based diversified miner’s Alberta’s operations were awarded for outstanding performance in various sectors. The company’s Cardinal River Operations (CRO) was acknowledged for the excellent work in three primary areas, which include energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Performance Areas

Canada’s mining Association grants the TSM leadership Award only when a facility achieves the “A” ranking in their analysis across all protocols of the TSM initiative. The protocols cover six performance areas, including the following: energy use and greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions management, biodiversity conservation management, tailings management, safety and health, crisis management and Aboriginal and community outreach. Apart from the fulfillment of the ranking criterion, a facility needs to get its TSM results verified externally to be entitled to the recognition.

CRO’s scores not only reflect excellent leadership across the six TSM performance areas, but also demonstrated best practices in as many as three of them. The facility displayed best observance in the following areas: energy use and GHG emissions management, biodiversity conservation management and Aboriginal and community outreach. The CRO facility gained ‘AAA’ ranking, which is the highest attainable level, across all the measurement protocols spanning these areas.

About Other Companies

The CRO facility is situated around 42 km south of Hinton, Alberta and employs as many as 340 people. It produces around 2.5 million tons per annum, of high-quality coal for steel making purposes. Apart from CRO, only a handful of other mine sites have been awarded the TSM Leadership Award. In 2007, Syncrude Canada Ltd’s oil sands facility had won this recognition. Later in 2011 and 2013, the Award was granted to the Hemlo mine of Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX) and Elkview operation of Teck Resources Ltd (USA) (NYSE:TCK), respectively.

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