Tata Motors Limited (ADR) (NYSE:TTM), Like Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA), Dares To Dream Big

Boston, MA 05/27/2014 (wallstreetpr) – As of now, there are not so many similarities you can draw between Tata Motors Limited (ADR) (NYSE:TTM) and Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). However, the two automakers share a dream of unsettling the automotive industry as it is known today.

The intention of Tesla Motors Inc is already well known. The company wants to drive carbon-based-fuel powered vehicles out of the road because they not only have an impact on the environment, but it can also be dangerous driving a vehicle power by a “highly inflammable liquid” as Tesla CEO Elon Musk likes to put it. Never mind Tesla has had its fair share of car fire tragedies.

Tata Motors shares the Tesla Motors dream of bringing quality products to the market. And while Tata’s mainstay is far from all-electric vehicles, the company recently issued a sneak preview into its plans. The company intends to develop electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles as it seeks to enrich its product portfolio while attracting higher revenue.

In addition to expanding into new vehicle platforms and markets, Tata Motors Limited (ADR) (NYSE:TTM) also announced that it will seek to replace its care every six to seven years.

The move by the Tata to replace its products after seven or so years continues to reveal the intent of the company to reboot its overall image as it seeks to capture or even exceed the sales performance its peers. Furthermore, the fast-changing consumer preference means that the company must remain at the cutting-edge of the technology to develop quality products and make big sales.

Undoing the damage

Tata Motors Limited (ADR) (NYSE:TTM)’s immediate goal is correcting its sales figures. The company noted significant drop in its sales in fiscal 2013-14 and in April this year compared with April of 2013. As it gears to launch two new products simultaneously later this year, Tata promised to drive an aggressive sales campaign.

Enhanced capacity

Like Tesla that has plans to manufacture the battery cells used in its all-electric cars, Tata Motors Limited (ADR) (NYSE:TTM) also recently announced that it has improved its capacity at the manufacturing and research and development levels. As such, the company not only expects to meet the demand of the market but also achieve efficiency as it seeks to boost the bottom-line.

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