Viacom and Nexstar Strengthen Ties With New Affiliation Deal

ViacomCBS Inc (NASDAQ:VIAC) and Nexstar Media Group Inc. (NASDAQ:NXST) have announced the extension of their longstanding strategic partnership. As part of the new deal, Nexstar wholly owns subsidiary Nexstar Media and its operating partners have agreed to renew affiliation agreement in 39 markets with CBS Television Network. Viacom is a multinational mass media company that […]

Why Clubhouse Media (CMGR) is a Bigger Story than You Think (FB, PINS, SNAP, CMGR, TTD, TWTR, VIAC, ROKU)

Clubhouse Media Group (OTC US:CMGR) is a rapidly developing story that has gotten little traction with retail investors yet, despite what appears on its face as a very strong thesis, a unique model with a strong narrative looking ahead in its industry, and extremely robust metrics that 20th century investors have difficultly appreciating, but in […]

What Lies Ahead for the $150B Ad Industry (CMGR, ROKU, VIAC, PINS, SNAP, TTD)

There‚Äôs $150 billion in annual spending that has become homeless. It now wanders around the global economy, aimless, lost, searching for a new home. This $150 billion is the global advertising budget, and it used to know exactly where to go each year: about 33% to cable companies and major networks on TV, roughly 33% […]