Alphabet Inc Class C (NASDAQ: GOOG) Gives Trade Desk Inc (NASDAQ: TTD) Remuneration

Trade Desk Inc’s (NASDAQ: TTD) chief executive officer, Jeff Green, recently received a remuneration package from Google (NASDAQ: GOOG). The package is mainly connected to alternatives accepted by Trade Desk’s Board passed last October. The package emphasises a make or break consequence for the internet or the big tech companies. Big Tech platforms such as […]

Why Clubhouse Media (CMGR) is a Bigger Story than You Think (FB, PINS, SNAP, CMGR, TTD, TWTR, VIAC, ROKU)

Clubhouse Media Group (OTC US:CMGR) is a rapidly developing story that has gotten little traction with retail investors yet, despite what appears on its face as a very strong thesis, a unique model with a strong narrative looking ahead in its industry, and extremely robust metrics that 20th century investors have difficultly appreciating, but in […]

What Lies Ahead for the $150B Ad Industry (CMGR, ROKU, VIAC, PINS, SNAP, TTD)

There‚Äôs $150 billion in annual spending that has become homeless. It now wanders around the global economy, aimless, lost, searching for a new home. This $150 billion is the global advertising budget, and it used to know exactly where to go each year: about 33% to cable companies and major networks on TV, roughly 33% […]