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Transgenomic Ices Cancer Kicker (TBIO)

Transgenomic (OTC: TBIO) announced this morning that it had a┬ácollaborative arrangement with New York University’s Langone Medical Center to use the company’s ultra-high sensitive mutation detection technology, known as ICE COLD-PCR, to study lung cancer and responses to a variety of treatments. The focus of the study centers on mutations found in the blood of […]

Medicare Approval Has Seniors Jumping for Joy, Breaking Hips (TBIO)

For nearly 50 million Americans, Medicare approval is crucial for determining what medical procedures one can undergo. Transgenomic (OTC: TBIO) stated today that after quite a bit of legal wrangling and waiting, it had finally received Medicare’s endorsement for its Clopidogrel Genetic Absorption Activation Panel. This simple saliva test is used to identify patients who […]

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