The Case for Smart Home Stocks as “The Next Big Thing” (ALRM, SPYR, VVNT, HON, ADT, REZI)

According to a report in, the future is looking very bright for companies with direct exposure to the Smart Home revolution. The report cites research by analyst firm Omdia that focuses on a shift in operational focus to move beyond traditional retail channels and step up the technology bar in the space to jump […]

The Housing Boom Could Spur a Boom in Smart-Home Stocks (SPYR, RNG, ALRM, ADT, REZI, VVNT)

Home prices are blasting off. We are back in a real estate boom as millennials and zoomers finally settle down and look to start families. Along with low and rising interest rates – get it while the gettin’s good – and a growing post-pandemic economy,  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 138 million […]

SPYR Inc (OTCMKTS:SPYR) Secures Access to Massive New Exposure Conduit

SPYR Inc (OTCMKTS:SPYR) is a micro-cap player in the digital gaming and app space that recently put out an update on its plans and objectives for the year of 2017. We were impressed and wanted to update the narrative given the company’s recent moves. Most importantly, the company just announced that its flagship game, Pocket […]

SPYR Inc (OTCQB:SPYR) Participates In Gamescom 2016, Now World’s Biggest Video Game Event

There is little to no doubt that the global economy is highly unpredictable with oil and gold prices fluctuating like a seesaw. However, one sector that is flourishing with awesome growth potentials is the mobile gaming industry. The worldwide game sales are primed to grow by billions simply due to the fact that U.S. video […]

Mobile Games Poised to see Console-Like Graphics Soon

There is an invisible sea change going in within mobile devices, and it has to do with speed. The mobile experience is becoming more and more vital to consumers who crave high-definition streaming and high-powered mobile gaming. Semiconductor technology and microprocessor technology is growing faster than ever because phone companies like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung […]

New Mobile Games Perfecting the Freemium Business Model (OTCMKTS:NTDOY)

The freemium business model is the most common business model for startup companies, but it is also continuing to ramp up in the mobile gaming industry. In case you are unaware, the freemium business model allows a user to start the service or application for free and charges a fee or a subscription for increased […]