SEFE Hopes to Throw a Few Lightning Bolts (SEFE)

Is the Corona Discharge Electrostatic Motor enough to jolt the interest of traders into shares of SEFE (OTC: SEFE)? The company announced today that it had completed the prototype for a low-power corona discharge motor. According to SEFE, this type of electrostatic motor can serve medium to high-power applications. Basically, the technology allows the motor to […]

Sustainability in 1920’s Atlanta Meets Miami Vice and Vagueries? (SEFE)

Queue Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”, or don’t. That seminal piece of music that helped “The Sting” win 1973’s Academy Award for Best Picture is back. Everybody likes a good scam put to music. Perhaps it is not a scam. Perhaps it is the most innovative company on the planet on the cusp of a breakthrough. […]

SEFE Stock Takes Flight After News of Successful Flight Report (SEFE)

Sefe (OTC: SEFE), a sustainability company focused on energy, gained another penny today after the company announced the success of a helicopter flight test on a ranch. The test was conducted to determine the ability to detect charge density in the earth’s atmosphere. The flight consisted of laps around the property, with the elevation increased […]