NFT Stocks Could Regain Momentum as Risk Trades Rally (CYIO, PLBY, TKAT, ZKIN, DLPN, IMTE)

The NFT revolution could be regaining some life, with recent rallies in key related stocks and several major stories hitting the newswires over recent days, including Damien Hirst’s move to literally burn a bunch of his legendary work to enter the space. (1) An NFT, or non-fungible token, is simply anything unique that can be […]

How the $8 Trillion Metaverse Boom could Drive a New Surge in NFT Stocks (IMTE, BTDG, DKNG, TKAT, FNKO, PLBY, EBAY, NET)

The market appears convinced of two conclusions: The metaverse will define the future for growth investors, and NFTs were just a fad We are here to tell you that those two ideas cannot both be true. If the first one is right, the second one MUST be wrong. Either that, or Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan […]


While you may not hear about it constantly anymore, the marketplace for non-fungible tokens continue to grow. A research piece out this week from JPMorgan analysts sizes the global NFT market as worth more than $41 billion. That follows similar numbers from Bloomberg last month. The party around NFTs exploded onto the scene last year, […]

NFT Space is heating up and ZKIN could be a winner (FNKO, OCG, TKAT, PLBY, MAT, EBAY, NET)

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or digital collectibles sure did make many millionaires in 2021. The NFT industry achieved a record sales volume of more than $12 billion. Let’s take a look at some of the key players in the NFT space include Takung Art Co. Ltd. (NYSEAmerican:TKAT), PLBY Group Inc. (Nasdaq:PLBY), Oriental Culture Holding Ltd. (Nasdaq:OCG), […]

A Starter Guide to Building Exposure to NFT Stocks for the Metaverse Boom (CRTD, AHFD, PLBY, TKAT, OCG, ZKIN, WKEY, EBAY)

One of the most remarkable growth opportunities to get in gear over the past year is the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. However, contrary to popular confusion, this is not a pile of disjointed collectibles strung together in a common “hobbyist” instinct. This is the birth of digital real estate. It represents the dawn of true […]

Another Period of Excitement about NFT Stocks Takes Root (TKAT, SFLM, WKEY, CRTD, PLBY, OCG, EBAY, YVR)

The NFT space continues to gain substantive traction as an increasingly meaningful investing concept. It’s a new marketplace. And new marketplaces take time to get their roots in and go mainstream. But every big story that centers on that new marketplace can represent a big step introducing more and more people to how that marketplace […]

NFT Stocks Back on the Radar After Quarter Billion Dollar Fund Launch (SFLM, PLAY, TKAT, FNKO, PLBY, WKEY, OCG, ZKIN, YVR)

The NFT space is one of the most interesting and controversial market ideas to emerge over the past decade. The concept amounts to the establishment of the means to provide effective real estate value to digital property, which is a revolutionary idea if it takes off.  And it already has taken off to some extent. […]

Why NFTs Should be Atop your Pullback Shopping List (DKNG, NET, EBAY, PLBY, ZKIN, WKEY, OCG, YVR)

Risk assets are pulling back as seasonal market factors and rising interest rates impact market sentiment. If you are poised to win on the next rally, then you already have your shopping list underway.  There are plenty of measures that suggest market sentiment is already at deeply pessimistic levels – when key bottoms tend to […]

NFT Stocks in Focus as NFT Market Booms to New Heights (PLAY, PLBY, TKAT, SFLM, FNKO, WKEY, OCG, YVR)

The NFT craze is likely to move in waves. Like any growth trend involving something truly “new”, faith and doubt, hope and fear – they cycle in and out. The promise shows up and the crowd gets excited, and then the energy fades, only to be rediscovered a bit later at an exponentially louder volume. […]