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Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA (ADR) (NYSE:PBR) Tumbling Down

Boston, MA 10/22/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA (ADR) (NYSE:PBR) has everything going wrong at the moment. The Brazilian government for instance imposed some new regulations on all companies so as to keep the country’s inflation level below 6%. Due to these new regulations companies like PBR have suffered financially because of higher operating cost. […]

Workers Of Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA (ADR) (NYSE:PBR) Went On Strike

Boston, MA 10/21/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA (ADR) (NYSE:PBR), a Brazilian state-run oil company, suffered a huge havoc recently. The workers of the company went on a nationwide strike to protest the auction of a huge offshore oil field which is scheduled next week. It was mentioned by the Union officials of the National […]

Where Is Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA (ADR) (NYSE:PBR) Headed With $236 Billion Injection?

Boston, MA 10/14/2013 (wallstreetpr) –  Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras SA (ADR) (NYSE:PBR), the world’s 10th largest business has little to show for its towering status these days. This Brazilian state-owned oil company is ailing and there have been several attempts to add more life to its wilting fortunes in the oil and gas industry. The troubles […]