Stocks Taking Center Stage on Wall Street (HLBZ,BLBX,NNVC,CRVS)

The SPY500 has bounced back over 150 points and looks like traders and investors are looking to buy the recent dip. Yesterday’s massive sell off was a result of uncertainty over the future of Evergrande. Chinese officials are expected to stem the spillover from liquidity issues at Evergrande, the country’s largest property developer, before it […]

NanoViricides Gains on Oral FluCide’s Effectiveness Over Tamiflu (NNVC)

The nano-biopharmaceutical company NanoViricides (OTC: NNVC) reported that animal survival showed significant improvement when treated with oral FluCide, an anti-influenza drug candidate. The company also claimed that based on the survival time, its drug is functionally more effective than Roche’s (NASDAQ: ROCM) Tamiflu, when tested in animals administered with a lethal dose of the H3N2 […]

Nanoviricides Punches the Competition in the Mouth (NNVC)

Nanoviricides (OTC: NNVC) reported today that its oral anti-influenza drug, FluCide, showed superior results to oral Tamiflu. Produced by Roche, Tamiflu has become the standard treatment for influenza. According to Nanoviricides, its drug beat Tamiflu in every parameter tested. The tests, however, were conducted on mice. The market for a successful influenza drug can be quite […]

NanoViricides Provides Good News for Animals Catching the Flu (NNVC)

NanoViricides (OTC:NNVC)  announced today the very strong effectiveness of its oral anti-influenza drug, FluCide. The news should cheer bulls, bears, and pigs since the report corresponded to studies in animals. For several years, Nanovircides has been developing an orally administered treatment for influenza. According to the company, patients respond quicker to oral drug administration than […]