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FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Granted $3.2 Million Contract By Energy Department

Boston, MA 10/03/2014 (wallstreetpr) – FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) disclosed that it has been granted with a $3.2 million contract by the Department of Energy in the United States. The contract was for advanced material development to improve power density, as well as, performance of its Direct FuelCell products. Support For Select Aspects The company stated […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Gets $3.2 Million Contract From the U.S. Department of Energy

Boston, MA 10/02/2014 (wallstreetpr) – According to reports, FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) has announced that it has got $3.2 million worth of contract from US Department of Energy. The contract has been awarded for its advanced material development in order to enhance performance and power density of next generation Direct FuelCell products of the company. […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Reports 20% Reduction in Sales

Boston, MA 09/09/2014 (wallstreetpr) – According to reports, FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) witnessed a downfall in the stock market after reporting less than expected financial results. Due to below average 3Q2014 fiscal results and 20% reduction in sales, its shares dropped significantly on Monday. FCEL falls in premarket trading: According to reports, FuelCell Energy Inc […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Reports Wider Loss In 3Q

Dallas, Texas 09/09/2014 (ustradevoice) – FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) reported its 3Q2014 financial results and showed a bigger loss than in the prior year. However, the earnings in the latest quarter were in-line with the consensus estimates. The company revealed its partnership with major power companies and why such arrangements are important for its future. […]

Cowen Upgrades FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Shares

Boston, MA 08/14/2014 (wallstreetpr) – An integrated fuel cell company, FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) shares were upgraded by Cowen on Wednesday. However, the brokerage had not made changes to its price objective. Rating of Stock Financial advisor Cowen had upgraded the company’s shares to a rating of Outperform from market perform rating. The brokerage had […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL): Bouncing from Bubble Burst

Boston, MA 07/24/2014 (wallstreetpr) – The U.S Federal Grant FuelCell Energy has been awarded $3.5 million in federal grants to develop a fuel cell that convert renewable biogas or natural gas to methanol. The U.S Energy department had initiated this grant so that FuelCell would team up with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL): Sales To Grow In Second Half Of The Year

Boston, MA 06/06/2014 (wallstreetpr) – FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) didn’t have an impressive second quarter in terms of the sales and revenues. The second quarter witnessed an unexpected decline in sales. However, the company said that the second quarter will be much better. The sales in the second quarter came at $38.3 million. The next […]

2Q Exposes FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) For What It Is Not

Boston, MA 06/04/2014 (wallstreetpr) –From its 2Q2014 financial results, FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) appears to be walking a tightrope. The company had little to show for the three months trading period except a bigger loss than anyone wanted. However, the results appear to expose the fuel-cell company for what it is not, at least if […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Q2 Loss Widens

Boston, MA 06/04/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Diversified utility energy company, FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) announced a wider net loss for the second quarter hurt by weak margin and lower revenue. The quarterly loss, as well as revenue, also failed to meet the Wall Street analysts’ estimations. 2Q Results The FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) suffered a net […]

Fuelcell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Received Additional 5.6-Megawatt Contract From Posco

Boston, MA 05/20/2014 (wallstreetpr) – FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL), the builder of the biggest fuel-cell power plant of the world, won the contract for supplying 5.6 megawatts of equipment to the largest steelmaker of South Korea- Posco. It is important to note that Posco is also the biggest shareholder of FuelCell Energy. Highlights of the Contract […]

Fuel Cell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) Big Power Plants

Boston, MA 04/24/2014 (wallstreetpr) –  Fuel Cell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) is into ultra-clean power and renewable power. The company for industrial use is developing an onsite hydrogen generation Direct Fuel Cell power plant. Variety of fuel can be used, and that fuel can be sourced from food processing and clean natural gas; by doing so […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) – Opens A New World Of Development

Boston, MA 04/11/2014 (wallstreetpr) –  FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) is a fuel cell company, which develops and commercializes the power-plant for generating electrical power. It specializes in alternative fuel to produce an ultra-clean stationary fuel. A process of generating power is based on conservation the eco-system and anti-pollution method. Satisfactory result in previous years: The […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL): Are Fuel-Cell Companies Losing Sleep Because Of Platinum?

Boston, MA 04/03/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Few sectors are as intriguing as alternative energy, and more so the fuel-cell segment where FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) is a player. Shares of fuel-cell companies have soared in the past two months as investors jump in to bet on the sector prospects. Supply deals being signed left right and center […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL): Full of Speculative Energy

Boston, MA 03/28/2014 (wallstreetpr) – During the dot-com boom in and around 2000, FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) traded as high as $48.11. FuelCell has traded below the $4 mark for most of the time since October 2009. The high so far this year was on March 11 when it went above the $4 mark during the […]

FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL): Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Boston, MA 03/26/2014 (wallstreetpr) -The business of providing electricity through use of fuel-cells goes beyond the offering ultra-clean and probably cheaper energy. You only need to know what FuelCell Energy Inc (NASDAQ:FCEL) is up to of late to appreciate the ability of fuel-cell companies to kill two birds with one stone. The company is currently […]

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