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Dividend and Conquer, Medisafe 1 Technologies Doubles (MFTH)

WallSteetPR has covered Medisafe 1 Technologies (OTC: MFTH) before today. Looking at today’s numbers, it is quite clear that people remain afraid of needles. People also fear being accidentally administered drugs intended for another patient, an incorrect dosage, or simple incompetence as well of a host of other problems that hospitals fight each time a patient […]

It’s One Thing to Hate Needles, Another to Hate the Needle Filled with the Medicine Prescribed to the Patient in the Next Room (MFTH)

You are certainly not alone if you struggle with watching (hopefully) a medical practitioner readying a needle for the introduction of clear liquid into your IV, or even directly in to your vein. Equally, or perhaps even more frightening, is that there exist many occasions when you will not be in possession of the faculties […]

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