Uber Inc Technologies (NYSE: UBER) and LYFT Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) Hike Fare Prices After Sunset Park Shooting

Uber Inc Technologies (NYSE: UBER) and LYFT Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) have been called out for hiking fare prices after a tragic incident on April 12, 2022. The incident in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, occurred when a man wearing a construction vest and face mask opened fire in a subway car. The shooting resulted in five critically […]

Lyft Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) Partners With Match Group Inc (NASDAQ: MTCH) to Enable Tinder Users to Buy Lyft Ride for Potential Date

Lyft Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) has partnered with Match Group Inc (NASDAQ: MTCH) to create a feature that enables Tinder users to buy a Lyft right for their dates. Tinder members can access the feature in the newly added Explore section of the site. To use the service, both parties should have Lyft accounts. Tinder users […]

California Passes A New Rule Forcing Rideshare Companies – LYFT Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) And Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) To Switch To Electric Vehicles

California is the first state to implement CMS (Clean Mile Standard) in the US. The new law mandates ridesharing companies – LYFT Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) and Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER) to transition to electric vehicles from gasoline-based vehicles. CMS will be effective from 2023 According to a communiqué from CARB (California Air Resources Board), […]