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Implant Sciences Dispatches Explosives Trace Detectors to the Arabian Gulf and Japan (IMSC)

Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC), which is known for being a critical supplier of systems and sensors like trace detectors to the oil & gas and defense industries, has just announced the shipment of explosives trace detectors to the Arabian Gulf to safeguard a petroleum facility, as well as to Japan to help protect a nuclear […]

Implant Sciences Announces Appointment of Sales Manager to Boost Growth in Air Cargo Market (IMSC)

Supplier of advanced technology sensors and systems, Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC), has just announced a change in management with the appointment of former Rapiscan Sales Manager, Ms. Nav Mosey, to the post of U.S. Air Cargo Sales Manager in an effort to boost the company’s growth in the air cargo market. The company is well […]

Implant Sciences Buoyant in Anticipation of Successful Contraband Detector Testing (IMSC)

Expectation of acceptance from the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) for the Quantum Sniffer QS-B220, the desktop explosives and narcotics trace detector, kept traders rushing to the counters of Implant Sciences (OTC: IMSC) as soon as the market opened, resulting in a 7% gain in the share price within the first two hours of the trading. […]

Traders Cover Their Ears as They Wait For Implant Sciences News (IMSC)

The anticipated news next week from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) over the approval or disapproval of technology developed by Implant Sciences Corporation (OTC: IMSC) has traders covering their ears waiting for an explosion one way or another. An affirming nod by the TSA for the company’s Quantum Sniffer would most likely open doors for […]

Implant Sciences Corporation Posts Steep Declines in Price, Volume After Reaching Highs Last Week (IMSC)

Implant Sciences’s (OTC: IMSC) stock price was down by $0.08 today after closing at $1.40 on Friday, resulting in 5.7% decrease. In the past 52 weeks, prices have ranged from $0.32 to $1.74, exploding to its yearly high last week and then steeply declining after Thursday’s volume reached 1,233,574 shares. Its last highest stock price […]

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, Nobody Wants to Die. Implant Sciences Corp Rises 15% on News of New Expert Advisor (IMSC)

It’s a rare occasion that quoting Bob Marley makes sense in the real world, or at least outside of hostels full of kids with stars in their eyes, and the simple “best of” album released as Legend. The United States, as well as other countries prior to 9/11 of course, used to fear nothing. Now […]

Implant Sciences Extends Global Reach, Rewarded By A Dollar Day (IMSC)

Implant Sciences (IMSC) reached a plateau of $1.00 yesterday, a significant achievement for a company that been struggling to find consistent success in the last few months. After a slew of globalization announcements, the company reached $1.10 on May 10th, 2012, before falling back down to $0.93 on May 17th, 2012. The recent surge of 11% […]

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