Corporate Update Shines A light On DiMi Telematics International (DIMI)

In a press release today, DiMi Telematics International (OTC: DIMI) issued a corporate update. The company covered four topics that dealt with the development of DiMi 4.0 Technology, a national brand awareness campaign, the Green Genie acquisition, and factors for future success. According to the release, the company is making good progress toward the development […]

Independence Energy Standing After Bloody Day in Market (IDNG)

While the financial markets got pummeled, Independence Energy Corporation (OTC: IDNG) remained standing, eeking out a positive gain on Thursday. Not only did Energy Independence survive the jaw-breaking punches of stocks, but it also has managed to avoid the recent wobble in the energy markets. For the day on Thursday shares of Independence Energy gained […]

Independence Energy (IDNG) Reaches New High, Electrifies The International Community

As trading came to a close on June 6th, Independence Energy (IDNG) celebrated a new personal high, reaching $3.24, an impressive 8.36% higher than the prior day. Considering where the company was nearly a month ago, this increase is even more incredible. It was only May 15th when the company completed an additional round of […]