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America Wakes Up Today and Says No More Reality TV? Now That Would Make a Good Reality TV Show (ICPA)

It is easy to blame Friends, Kramer, Elaine and George. If it is not something you have thought about, take a moment. It was these characters and the inflated salaries these actors demanded that gave birth to unpaid “actors” showing far and away too much of themselves to the voyeur that resides in most television […]

IC Places Sees a Volume Increase of Over 120% Two Weeks After Signing Deal With TV Network (ICPA)

IC Places (OTC: ICPA), a multimedia entertainment company based in Winter Park, Florida, saw its stock rise by 1.4% today, gaining $0.0002 from yesterday, and closing at $0.0142. It opened this morning at $0.015. In the past 52 weeks, the stock price has been as low as $0.0008 and as high as $0.29. Most recently, […]

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