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Spotlight on KULR: Powering the $127B Commercial Drone Market

There are a number of 21st century technology markets that have become seemingly intertwined, with self-reinforcing trends and enabling innovations. These include some of the most impressive growth markets, according to analyst predictions, over the decade ahead, including space commercialization, electric vehicles, autonomous transportation, commercial drones, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and genomics. Many of these […]

UAV Stock Spotlight: Opportunity Abounds in the Drone Space

Unmanned aerial vehicles represent a huge growth market as associated and complimentary technological innovations and new end markets develop and mature. Drones have an increasing number of hi-tech applications and are getting better at doing more. New technologies such as lidar and AI autonomous control promise to continue to expand these horizons further in the […]

ESPN making Drone Racing Legitimate means Money for the Whole Industry

If you believe that drone racing is a little silly, consider the fact that the new sport is appearing on ESPN (DIS) this August. In a statement last week, the 24/7 sports network announced, alongside the International Drone Association, a distribution deal. The appearance on ESPN will provide legitimacy to the sport and gather interest […]