ISWH in Focus: Upstart for the Next Wave in Crypto (COIN, MSTR, RIOT, MARA, SOS, HVBTF, CAN)

The Coinbase direct listing exposed the vulnerability of the massive run higher in risk bets ahead of the big COIN show. The stock opened for live trading right around the $381 level and took off like a shot. But the supply came in above $420 and put the top in for the day. And, when […]

Crypto Acceptance Continues to Build on Wall Street (MSTR, RIOT, ISWH, MARA)

The demand for cryptocurrency exposure continues to ramp. The latest example of this trend comes from Goldman Sachs. In a Reuters piece out on Wednesday, it was reported that Goldman’s President and Chief Operating Officer John Waldron said that the financial giant and legendary Wall Street player is exploring how it can meet rising customer […]

Four Interesting Crypto Stocks as Bitcoin Ramps (RIOT, MARA, ISWH, PYPL)

For those interested in currency-based hedges with big upside potential, there are two games in town: Gold and Bitcoin. Gold is an $11 trillion market, while Bitcoin is just a $300 billion market. But the baton is passing from the former to the latter as Bitcoin becomes increasingly established. This, like so many areas of […]

Bitcoin Roller Coaster Continues, Mimicking Path of Cannabis

A few years ago, Bitcoin was an afterthought (or a non-thought) to most on Wall Street.  It was so poorly understood that plenty of traders couldn’t even tell you the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain, the digital ledger technology serving as the heartbeat of cryptocurrencies. Most analysts were bearish, deriding crypto in saying there was […]

Public Blockchains have Major Flaws But it Doesnt Matter yet

Without pretending to know what goes on in the mind of Vitalik Buterin the Co-founder of Etherium who at age 25 is doing a replay of what Thomas Edison did at Menlo Park in 1876. Edison was disrupting electric power generation at 29 just as Buterin is disrupting the way we keep track of our […]

ETC Labs Launches A Model Of Its Incubator Program For Ethereum Classic Based Startups

Ethereum Classic has rolled out the trial for its incubator that will be targeting innovative projects that are creating new applications for the ETC. Through the program, entrepreneurs will be given office space, professional advice and support. Entrepreneurs under the program will also interact with a community of like-minded individuals with the same goal of […]

Cryptocurrency Custodian And Security Firm BitGo Adds Stellar And Dash To Its Platform

Blockchain-based security company BitGo has added two major players in the crypto world Dash (DASH) and stellar Lumens (XLM) to its platform. Dash has already been updated on the platform while XLM will join soon. The founder while talking to Fortune said that the two coins would offer advancements in payments. He also said that […]

Market Leaders Bullish About Crypto Despite Negative Sentiments From Ethereum Founder

It seems the 2017 cryptocurrency boom will not come along again. Speaking to Bloomberg, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said there is no room for another boom like that. Despite the comments, reports show other market leaders bullish about the future performance of cryptocurrency. Buterin received a lot of criticism for the comment since the price […]

Alexis Ohanian Provides An Elaborate Explanation As To Why He Remains Bullish On The Crypto Segment

It was remarkable progress for the price of Bitcoin to hit the $8,500 mark on Tuesday afternoon. It is resulting in a lot of debates among the interested parties. One investor has given his projections, outlining that it bore the potential to climb even higher in future. Ohanian’s take Alexis Ohanian is one of the […]

Green World Fintech Service Reveals Plan To Develop A Stable Coin Supported By Taiwan Dollar

The past one year has witnessed a lot of discussions revolving around stablecoins. Experts agree that crypto sector is a dynamic one. It was today that Green World Fintech Service announced its latest move. Since its establishment, this corporation has always focused on technology, but the introduction of its stablecoin has hit many by surprise. […]

Investigators Raid South Korea’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Over Suspicion Of Fraud

South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has brushed shoulders with the law having been accused of falsifying balance sheets to deceive investors. According to investigators who raided Upbit, the exchange transferred customers’ exchange funds to separate accounts prompting suspicion of fraud activities. The raid carried out by ten investigators from the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) was […]

Money Moves into Ethereum, Trading Takes Over Bitcoin’s Share

There has been a curious trend with Ethereum (ETH) that indicate to a possible “flippening” and staging a strong challenge to Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency. For a number of months, Ethereum trading accounted for less the 10% of all trades. On the other hand Bitcoin has taken up 36% of all the trading. The rise […]

eToro Adds EOS as Demand for Altcoins Surges

In response to raising demand for altcoin trading and investment opportunities, eToro has announced that it has added EOS to its platform effective April 23rd, 2018. eToro is a next generation world investment and trading platform and has a total of nine million investors.  The platform allows user to manually investors in more than 1,500 […]

Conditional Listing Approval Announced By Ethereum Capital

Ethereum (ETH) Capital has received approval to list common shares belonging to Movit Media Copr on Aequitas NEO Exchange. Both Ethereum and Movit had sought approval to list from NEO Exchange as they prepare their announced transaction which will result in Movit’s reverse takeover. Movit has consequently submitted a filing statement. Movit and Ethereum Capital […]

trueEX Enters into a Pact with True Digital Holdings and ConsenSys To Develop a Benchmark Rate for Ethereum

trueEX, a fintech company based in New York, has entered into an accord with ConsenSys, a blockchain tech company, and True Digital Holdings to make available the Ethereum to institutional players. The three companies have joined hands to develop a benchmark rate for Ethereum. trueEX will also unveil regulated derivative contracts for the digital assets. […]