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Titan Pharmaceuticals Announces $4.25 Million Stock Purchase Agreement to Commercialize Probuphine (TTNP)

Titan Pharmaceuticals (OTC: TTNP) has taken another step forward in its quest to develop treatment options for opioid dependence using the substance Probuphine. The company has just entered a Stock Purchase and Option Agreement with an affiliate company that is a potential licensee of the commercialization rights of Probuphine. The $4.25 million Stock Purchase and […]

Will Drop of the Puck Thaw Fuse Science? (DROP)

Fuse Science (OTC: DROP) announced today the company had partnered with the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League to supply the reigning 2012 Southeast Division Champions with its energy products. Michael R. Yomark, President of Florida Panthers, said in a statement, “Fuse Science is a very strong, emerging company with incredible technology.” The news […]

DROP (Fuse Science) Did Just That Yesterday, Lights Up For a 14% Gain Today (DROP)

On Monday, Fuse Science welcomed Juan Bautista as its newest addition to the Powered by Fuse™ team. Its last two days of trading then went to resemble Bautista’s performance in Monday’s MLB Home Run Derby, albeit in reverse. In the last 30 minutes of Wednesday’s trading, Fuse Science dropped nearly 14% closing at $0.192. Today, […]

Fuse Science Drops the Ball (DROP)

Shares of Fuse Science (OTC: DROP), the company provides energy and body replenishment products for athletic enhancement, showed little upside energy the day after our national celebration and holiday. The stock ended the trading session down $0.05 to settle at $0.255, or a loss of 15% from the closing price on Tuesday. The number of […]

Fuse Science (DROP) Rallies Despite Market and Its Symbol

Fuse Science (OTC: DROP) continued its recent climb, gaining just under four cents or 12% during a time when equity markets generally swooned throughout the day after a promising opening.  Fuse Science stock opened unchanged from Friday’s closing price and never gave ground the remainder of the day.  The stock closed at 35 cents, which […]

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