NFT Stocks Could Regain Momentum as Risk Trades Rally (CYIO, PLBY, TKAT, ZKIN, DLPN, IMTE)

The NFT revolution could be regaining some life, with recent rallies in key related stocks and several major stories hitting the newswires over recent days, including Damien Hirst’s move to literally burn a bunch of his legendary work to enter the space. (1) An NFT, or non-fungible token, is simply anything unique that can be […]

The Case Strengthens for Entertainment Stocks (AMC, DIS, DLPN, AFOM, DISCA, IMAX)

It’s more than just a post-pandemic re-opening story. The spark of exciting coming into the entertainment space isn’t just about people being willing to gather in close quarters again, though that is playing a central role. It’s about the restarting of an entire ecosystem. That has important consequences for all of the moving parts tied […]