B2 Digital (BTDG) in Focus as Live Sports Stocks Present Opportunity (EDR, DKNG, WWE, MSGS, CHDN, XFCI)

The market has been discounting a major slowdown in the global economy based on central banks having fallen well behind the curve on inflation over the past 12 months – especially the Federal Reserve. Getting behind the curve forces extreme policy shifts on interest rates as inflation spikes. The result, according to Wall Street analysts, […]

How the $8 Trillion Metaverse Boom could Drive a New Surge in NFT Stocks (IMTE, BTDG, DKNG, TKAT, FNKO, PLBY, EBAY, NET)

The market appears convinced of two conclusions: The metaverse will define the future for growth investors, and NFTs were just a fad We are here to tell you that those two ideas cannot both be true. If the first one is right, the second one MUST be wrong. Either that, or Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan […]


While you may not hear about it constantly anymore, the marketplace for non-fungible tokens continue to grow. A research piece out this week from JPMorgan analysts sizes the global NFT market as worth more than $41 billion. That follows similar numbers from Bloomberg last month. The party around NFTs exploded onto the scene last year, […]

Looking for Growth? Why MMA Stocks Could be the Answer (EDR, BTDG, DKNG, WWE, MSGS, CHDN, SGMS, DKMRD)

According to a recent research report from Technavio, MMA is poised to become a potential juggernaut investment theme over coming years. Factors helping to drive coming growth include the rising popularity of the sport, the increasing number of MMA tournaments, and the growing popularity of MMA in mainstream fitness programs. North America reportedly is out […]

Investing in the World’s Fastest Growing Sport (BTDG, EDR, DKNG, WWE, MSGS, CHDN, SGMS, DKMR)

The return of live sports following the pandemic lockdowns of last year has already powered gains for investors in stocks like Madison Square Garden Sports Corp (NYSE:MSGS) and Churchill Downs Inc (NASDAQ:CHDN). Although MMA only emerged in the 1990s, its growth has been exceptional, ranking it currently as one of the fastest growing sports in […]

Why NFTs Should be Atop your Pullback Shopping List (DKNG, NET, EBAY, PLBY, ZKIN, WKEY, OCG, YVR)

Risk assets are pulling back as seasonal market factors and rising interest rates impact market sentiment. If you are poised to win on the next rally, then you already have your shopping list underway.  There are plenty of measures that suggest market sentiment is already at deeply pessimistic levels – when key bottoms tend to […]

Which Sports Investment has the Best Growth Potential? (EDR, DKNG, VZ, NKE, BTDG, UAA, TTWO, DKMR, WWE)

Investors interested in opportunities in the growth of the sports industry have a number of different options to implement an investment strategy with that target. One common path is to invest in sports accessories through stocks like Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) or Under Armour Inc (NYSE:UAA). Other themes in the space include derivative or direct entertainment […]