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Facebook’s Libra Prompts Important Discussion in Crypto

Money has moved over the years from cash to credit card to digital currency beginning with the Nixon Administration removing the US Dollar from the Gold Standard in the 1970s, and allow global currencies to free float against one another, but the emergence of Bitcoin gained real traction when the housing market crashed in 2008. […]

IEO Replaces ICO as Exchanges Vett Tokenization Surge

The ICO was a 2017 phenomena, and it pissed off everyone from regulators to investors, so the logical evolution of this asset class (crypto investments) falls to the Exchanges who vett candidates and charge a big piece to allow them to introduce the coin tokenomics to exchange membership. Most conclude that the exchanges are really […]

Romania Drafts Bill To Regulate The Digital Currency

Several months ago, Romania was in the news having established its first cryptocurrency organization. It was reported on March 2, that a non-governmental organization known as the United Blockchain Association of Romania had been formed. It was stated that its purpose was to enlighten the public and develop a structure for dialogue. The group also […]