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Circle Internet Financial, Inc Mobilizes Funds Worth $110 Million

Circle Internet Financial Limited, a subsidiary of Circle Internet Financial, Inc, has raised funds worth $110 million. Both Bitmain and Circle Internet Financial Limited (CIFL) have partnered in a project to develop a token, which is supported by the US dollars. The valuation of CIFL has increased to $3 billion in the latest investment initiative. […]

Ripple Might Be Affected By Another Class Action Suit

Ripple Labs has in numerous instances painted XRP as an ideal investment. Time and again it has relayed optimistic price predictions about it. And it was in its latest statement that called upon all the interested investors to move ahead and make investments. It insisted that they had to begin by contacting Johson Fistel, LLP […]

Pakistan’s Central Bank Prohibits Crypto Dealings with a Circular

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has issued a circular prohibiting all dealings in virtual currencies. This move comes just after the central bank of India took a similar move. Payment providers and commercial banks have been told to avoid any dealings in cryptocurrencies. They are not allows to process any transactions of tokens or […]

Several Universities In China Are In Pursuit Of Blockchain Patents

A number of the top-tier public universities have revealed their plans to move ahead and ramp up efforts to patent blockchain applications developed on campus. According to data published on Feb. 16 it was clear that institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen University and Zhejiang University sought to get patents associated with the […]

Finland Government Releases New Guidelines On Handling Of Cryptocurrencies Prohibiting Authorities From Placing Funds On Exchanges

Finland government recently released a new set of guidelines on how law enforcement officials should handle the confiscated cryptocurrencies. According to these new guidelines, the official agencies that control the cryptocurrency storage will not be able to place the funds on exchanges and will have to instead keep them inaccessible from the internet, offline. Thus, […]

CME Reveals That It Is Considering Modifying Blockchain’s Rules

New patent filings indicate that the CME Group may be undertaking the exploration of the various ways in which different developers could proceed and modify the blockchain’s rules without having to bother about the consensus from the various network’s nodes. A person familiar with the matter opined, “It’s a key need for such systems and […]

CFTC And SEC Speak Our Regarding Virtual Currencies During A Senate Hearing

CFTC and SEC have moved ahead to have expressed their respective standpoints in line with the senate hearing on virtual currencies. CFTC Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo and SEC Chairman Jay Clayton are said to have forwarded their testimonies via writing. Anyone that has the opportunity to go through the testimonies will attest to the fact […]

Bitnovo, Dash Partnership Brings Crypto To Thousands Spanish Retailers

Bitnovo is a Spain-based startup that allows customers to purchase cryptocurrencies easier, faster, and safer. At the beginning of the year, the digital payment currency Dash announced a partnership agreement with Bitnovo, to enable the customers to purchase Dash coins in over 10,000 retailers across Spain. The partnership makes the Dash currency available for purchase […]