The Reserve Bank of India Cautions About Investing in Cryptocurrency After the Collapse of Terra Luna

It has been a short time since Terra Luna and TerraUSD collapsed. Now the Reserve Bank of India is cautioning citizens against investing in crypto to avoid similar losses. Shaktikanta Das, RBI’s governor, recently had an interview where he discussed the decline of cryptocurrency. He also stated that there should be more regulations in the […]

It’s Time for the Crypto Shopping List (GBTC, MARA, ISWH, HVBTF, OSTK, SQ)

The Biden administration stepped up to the plate on Monday and expressed its desire to create a crypto regulatory authority. We don’t have many details yet, but it appears clear that the administration is planning on introducing new pathways to getting the crypto lion under the whip. And it appears rumors related to this shift […]

Crypto Stocks in Focus after Flash Crash Clears Spec Excess (COIN, RIOT, CAN, ISWH, MSTR, PYPL)

The Bitcoin correction is upon us after the Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ:COIN) direct offering. The hype surrounding that process likely pulled in a lot of fast and loose money, which is now on its way out the door in violent fashion. The weekend featured what can only be described as a flash crash, as Bitcoin […]

Is a Bitcoin ETF Inevitable, and What to do about it? (SQ, OSTK, ISWH, HVBTF)

Want to know how to jet Bitcoin to $100K or higher? Introduce a full-fledged ETF that allows less sophisticated retail market participants to get a piece of the action. Will it happen? The short answer is Yes. The long answer is Yes definitely. The stars are probably aligning in that direction and the signs are […]

ISWH in Focus: Upstart for the Next Wave in Crypto (COIN, MSTR, RIOT, MARA, SOS, HVBTF, CAN)

The Coinbase direct listing exposed the vulnerability of the massive run higher in risk bets ahead of the big COIN show. The stock opened for live trading right around the $381 level and took off like a shot. But the supply came in above $420 and put the top in for the day. And, when […]

Bitcoin to $400k? Outlook from Fin Leader Drives Crypto Stocks (RIOT, HVBTF, AXXA, MARA)

Bloomberg is the gold standard for financial reporting and accessible analysis. When Bloomberg takes a stand, it is almost always an important threshold for the markets involved because it represents an emergent point of view. Last week featured just such a moment for the crypto marketplace, as the financial media giant put out its view […]

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) Warming Up to Cryptocurrencies Through Partnerships With Crypto Firms

This year Bitcoin price has surged to over $20,000 and this rise is attributed to increasing institutional investment and public buy-in from Square and PayPal. Also, another company that has warmed up to cryptocurrencies is Visa Inc. (NYSE:V). Visa partnering to issue crypto credit cards The entry of Visa into the crypto space might have […]

Sim-Swappers Scam $200K Worth Of Cryptocurrency From League Of Legends Star

Being a pro gamer may sound easy but it is actually not. A superstar in League of Legends has had $200,000 in crypto robbed from them directly from their account of Coinbase account. In a video from YouTube video which Dot Esports spotted, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng shows how he woke up during one morning in […]

Swarm Seeks To Democratise Venture Capital By Selling Share-Backed Tokens

In an announcement on Wednesday, Swarm Fund revealed that the official opening to the investors to buy into the Robinhood equity token (RHET) to reserve tokens. According to the announcement, accredited investors can reserve their stake in a fund created for the purpose of holding equity in Robinhood. The news of the tokenisation of Robinhood’s […]

Leading Cryptocurency Exchange Coinbase Pays Around $100 Million To Buy App

The leading San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently paid around $100 million to acquire an app The app pays its users in cryptocurrency for answering emails, and completing tasks. As a part of the deal, Balaji Srinivasan, the CEO and co-founder of will serve as its first chief technology officer. Coinbase is on […]

Bitcoin Cafe in Israel: Leading Chain Café Joe Supports Coinbase Wallet

You can have your cup of joe at Café Joe USA outlets and pay in bitcoin and other digital currencies. The Israeli-coffee outlet announced that it is accepting the Coinbase payment option and Nano. In a statement, the outlet said the move is not motivated by specific demand from the cryptocurrency industry. The idea stemmed […]

PayPal Bats for Instant Transactions With Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System

PayPal, an electronic payment firm, has submitted an application on March 1, 2018, for the patent of Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System. If everything goes well as planned, the new system allows buying and selling of cryptocurrencies anonymously and in a secured manner. The patent allows trading of the crypto instantaneously. The new proposed payment […]