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Did A Denial Send Chimera Energy Reeling? (CHMR)

A lot of noise has been made lately over the process of hydraulic shale oil extraction, known as fracking, with environmentalists waging a campaign to ban or greatly restrict the method over concerns of groundwater pollution. In late July, Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR) unveiled an extraction technology that does not use water, potentially allaying the […]

Advanced Cell Technology Attains $35 Million Funding Commitment (ACTC)

Advanced Cell Technology (OTC: ACTC) has just announced that the company has secured a whopping $35 million funding commitment from Lincoln Park Capital Fund. The industry leader in regenerative medicine has many uses for this money since the commitment strengthens the financial foundation of Advanced Cell Technology. It will also be an immense help to […]

Chimera Energy Looking for Validation in Mexico (CHMR)

Nothing stirs up a lively conversation like asking the question about the preferred method of fracking: Is it wet, dry or not at all? The debate began two months ago when Chimera Energy Corporation (OTC: CHMR) revealed its non-hydraulic technology for extracting shale oil. The traditional hydraulic method uses ground water, which environmentalist find quite […]

Chimera Energy and Pristine Solutions Remain Bankable as Starbucks Tries to Kick Up the Caffeine Kick (CHMR) (PRTN)

Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) accepts the help from LivingSocial to increase popularity while market reports suggest that penny stock companies such as Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR) and Pristine Solutions (OTC: PRTN) are named the most bankable stocks to trade in the OTC market based on their financial standing. The markets are continually shifting. There are plenty of […]

Is It Best to Frack With Water or Straight Up? (CHMR)

Apparently no shortage of controversy exists when it comes to extracting shale oil through a process called fracking. The traditional method to extract shale oil involves the use of groundwater, which is a point of concern for environmentalists. Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR) claims its non-hydraulic extraction technology can alleviate the potential problem of groundwater pollution. […]

PEMEX Says “Si” to Chimera Energy (CHMR)

The President of Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR) announced today that the company had signed documents in hand from Petroleos Mexicanos, also known as PEMEX, to utilize Chimera’s non-hydraulic shale oil extraction system. According to the news release, the fracking technology will be used at the largest hydrocarbon reserve in Mexico. The statement this morning got […]

Chimera Energy Falls off the Mountain, Drops 50% (CHMR)

Employees at Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR) are left to scratch their heads today after the company’s share price dropped a staggering 50%. At the end of trading yesterday, August 16, 2012, Chimera Energy was sitting at a respectable-but-not-great $0.80. Twenty-four hours later and the company is shaking in its proverbial boots after watching its stock […]

Chimera Energy Has Environmentalists Muttering “Oh Frack” (CHMR)

Last week, Chimera Energy (OTC:CHMR) unveiled a new non-hydraulic shale oil extraction technology. This new technology replaces current fracking techniques that use ground water. Environmentalists have opposed hydraulic fracking due to the possibility of polluting the ground water in the surrounding areas. Chimera Energy originally developed the new technique for shale oil extraction in frigid climates […]

Chimera Energy Sees 23% Gain After Signing Deal With PEMEX (CHMR)

Chimera Energy (OTC: CHMR), a developer of new energy technology and products, saw a 23% gain in the stock market today after announcing a deal with Petroleos Mexicanos, known as PEMEX, for a non-hydraulic shale oil extraction system. Chimera Energy executed a Memorandum of Understanding allowing PEMEX to use Chimera Energy’s extraction technology throughout Latin […]

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