Traders Find Their Thrill On Blueberry Hill (CDXC)

According to nutritionists and the medical profession, nothing packs a punch like the blueberry. The little blue package ranks the highest of any fruit for free radical-fighting antioxidants and it is loaded with vitamin C. Native Americans even used the blueberry as a cough remedy. Yesterday afternoon, ChromaDex (OTC:CDXC) released the Phase 2/3 findings for […]

ChromaDex Trades Higher as RedChip Announces Research Update (CDXC)

Penny stocks like ChromaDex (OTC: CDXC) are traded in high volumes and the smallest amount of news can change the value of the stock for the good as well as the bad. RedChip Companies has just released its research update for ChromaDex after the latter presented at the Small-Cap Virtual Conference hosted by RedChip Companies. […]

ChromaDex Continues Up-and-Down Activity, Drops Again After Yesterday’s Rise (CDXC)

ChromaDex (OTC: CDXC), a manufacturer of natural products, saw a $0.03, or 3.5%, drop today after making a small gain yesterday. The Irvine, California-based company has been in the news recently for its upcoming product launches, as well as its licensing and distribution activities. The company produces natural ingredients for the dietary supplement, animal health, […]

Chromadex Gets A Supplemental Boost From Stock Guru (CDXC)

ChromaDex (OTC: CDXC), a natural products company, has gotten the attention of at least one world-class investor. Dr. Phillip Frost known for his sale of drug maker IVAX to TEVA (NYSE: TEVA) for $7.6 billion in 2005 has been accumulating shares of ChromaDex according to a news story released this afternoon. In June, Frost added […]