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eSports Stocks Ready to Heat Up? (GMBL, HUYA, BTHR, ATVI)

One space that has actually benefitted from the pandemic is eSports. The revolution that it represents has only further solidified itself in the niche of competitive activities during recent months because events can be managed without live crowds if need be. That has likely only stoked the fire burning under would-be fans and competitors. In […]

Big Three Restaurants Plans for $10 Million Acquisition and $30 Million Public Offering (BTHR)

After holding steady for over one month, the stock of Big Three Restaurants (OTC: BTHR) soared in today’s trading session, as the company announced its banking agreements for a total of $40 million in financing plans. Opening at a share price of $0.05, Big Three Restaurants quickly went on to hit an intraday high of […]

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