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China’s Magazine ‘Technology Life’ Embraces Bitcoin Subscription Payments

Technology Life is one of the oldest magazines in China. The magazine says that from next year it will start accepting bitcoin subscription payments. Technology life becomes the first media organization in this republic to take such a bold move. A close outlook into the matter The latest development is a clear sign that indeed […]

Cocos-BCX Games Developer Raises $40 Million From Funders

Blockchain technology is bringing fundamental shifts in the gaming industry. Developers are now designing and launching their products on the network. Cocos-BCX games developer takes the best of the Cocos2d-x team. Interestingly, this is the team behind the famed Angry Birds. Given the success they had on the 2D platform, Cocos-BCX has bigger potential. Based […]

Lebanon To Host ConsenSys Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

Lebanon’s pro-entrepreneurial posture will earn a blockchain reward in form of an upcoming event. The country will play host to ConsenSys blockchain developer bootcamp beginning the 17th of October. According to the event’s website, the occasion will involve a coding training program over 3 days. There will be a further 2-day hackathon “where participants will be […]

Standard Chartered Pioneers Bank Guarantees On Blockchain In Partnership With Siemens

In the industry’s first, Standard Chartered is joining forces with Siemens Financial Services to work on blockchain-based bank guarantees. The report, which appears on IBS Intelligence, details that the partnership will include TadeIX, a blockchain technology company. The financial giants want to upgrade the traditional “paperful” process to a decentralised digital platform which is “paperless”. […]

Its Dream Come True For Ohio Being A Blockchain-Friendly State

Ohio has become one of the states to legalize the use of blockchain in the US officially. This came as a result of Governor John Kasich signed a bill on Friday that will recognize using of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The blockchain is meant to be used in various industries that include real estate, […]

Chair Of House Judiciary Committee Of U.S. Bob Goodlatte Owns $80,000 In Bitcoin (BTC)

Chair of Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, Bob Goodlatte recently revealed that he owns in between $17,000 and $80,000 in virtual currency. The revelation was made in the annual Financial Disclosure Statement of Goodlatte that was filed on May 10, just a month prior to the issuance of new rules by the […]

ING Bank Adopting Blockchain Technology

ING Group, multinational banking and financial services corporation based in Netherlands is partnering with distributed database company, R3CEV, to jointly invest in blockchain technology. There has been growing concerns about the “zero-knowledge proofs” aspect of blockchain technology from financial institutions and users. Financial institutions involved in capital market operations are always working to increase confidentiality […]

Baidu Launches Photo Platform Based On Blockchain Technology Called Totem

China’s internet search behemoth has announced the launch of its new blockchain-based platform called Totem which is designed to manage digital image property rights The company which is considered China’s version of Google has launched the new image platform as part of its mission to fight copyright infringement in the country. The service was launched […]

The Hybrid Approach: How To Gain Wider Adoption Of Blockchain

As the blockchain economy report a huge increase in scale and size, there is a looming question that needs to be confronted: what do we do with this technology? Historically, finance and technology have always adopted a centralized structure but blockchain is offering an opportunity to face in the opposite direction. Blockchain decentralization has the […]

VeChain And InfoCorp’s Sentinel Chain Form Partnership

VeChain has committed to ensuring that the financial services as well as features that are based on blockchain technology are able to reach all corners of the globe including the underprivileged. This is part of VeChain’s core mission of empowering everyone and making the world a better place. VeChain will achieve this by partnering with […]