Lebanon To Host ConsenSys Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

Visualizing the Next Evolution Beyond Smart Contracts

Steve Kanaval - June 28, 2019

Evolving from the Smart Contract Blockchain Platform to the Extensible Blockchain Object Model Platform By: Michael Holdmann Sheets and Workbooks Sheet Analogy In an attempt to understand the difference between...

Philippine Blockchain Company LoyalCoin Partner With Ride-Hailing App, Grab Philippines

Amazon, eBay, NASDAQ on a Blockchain?

Steve Kanaval - June 26, 2019

Making of Decentralized, Distributed, Open Multi-Tenant, Multi-sided Market Enablement Platform By: David Beberman, CTO In an article posted by Tren Griffin on his blog 25iq, “A Dozen Things I’ve Learned...

crytpo 2

DataGrid Blockchain vs. Libra

Steve Kanaval - June 25, 2019

DataGrid Blockchain vs. Libra By: David Beberman, CTO Libra Facebook just announced Libra and released both technical and business information regarding it. The technical side seems to consist of a leader-based,...

We.trade Strikes A Business Alliance With Batavia

Benjamin Roussey - October 3, 2018

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and UBS established Batavia in 2016.They expected it to assist with the exploration of blockchain technology particularly in trade finance. Batavia prefers working through coalitions. It invited Erste...

Bitcoin Only Palazzo Sale; a 17th century palazzo to go on sale for 550 BTC

Clinton Speaks Out Regarding Possibilities Of Blockchain

Mouss Kleindler - October 2, 2018

Bill Clinton was one of the dignitaries that were invited at the annual Swell conference that was conducted in San Francisco. Numerous perspectives were expressed by the leaders during this...

LGU+ To Offer Foreign Payment Services Through Blockchain

Christine Lawrence - September 18, 2018

South Korea's mobile carrier LGU+ that is owned by LG Corporation (the 4th largest conglomerate in the country) is launching a cross-carrier payment service that is blockchain-based upon partnering with...

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