CNBC Can’t Help Continually Bashing Bitcoin

Steve Kanaval - June 17, 2019

Similar to the fake news liberal media puts out on The President of the United States, CNBC realizes it needs to bash Bitcoin and digital currencies or they will continue...

Bitcoin ATMs Expected To Rise In Greece In The Near Future

Bitcoin Winter Slides into Rearview Mirror

Steve Kanaval - April 26, 2019

2017 was the year of the ICO, or Initial Coin offering where tokenization really took hold. Investors chased profits as the price of Bitcoin made the media news cycle topping...

America Can Now Buy Bitcoin Via The CashApp

Donna Fago - August 16, 2018

Square can now facilitate the buying and selling of bitcoins all across the United States. This comes after the cash app obtained “Bitlicenses” for the remaining states that were yet...

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