Put Shares of AXXA on Short-Squeeze Watch (CAR, BB, GME, AMC, FUBO, BBBY, DWAC, AXXA)

With the financial media marinating in bearish stories — 7% inflation, monetary policy set for dramatic tightening as the Fed turns hawkish, and geopolitics in eastern Europe casting a dark pall — bears are very active on the short side. In fact, according to sentimentrader.com, the total volume in major inverse ETFs, as a ratio […]

Meme stocks to look out (BLBX, GME, AMC, NOK, BB, BBY, SPCE)

One of the most obvious statements available to that subset of investors who are “very interested” in investing and trading stocks is that “investing and trading stocks is very interesting”. It’s tautological. From a market cycle standpoint, it is also inevitably true that as a bull market ages and matures, more and more people become […]