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Decline Continues At Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX), Any End Insight?

Boston, MA 10/17/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX) has not known any joy lately of being one of the high profile mining companies. The problem has to do with waning gold prices. And analysts are almost giving up on gold stocks as the premium yellow metal continues to be what it should never have […]

Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX) Employees Are The Most Paid In The Mining Industry

Boston, MA 10/16/2013 (wallstreetpr) – The plight of the gold miners in Africa is one of the most highlighted as to how pathetically they get treated. But now as an irony and in one of the good presses for the company, gold miners in Africa working for Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX) are one of the […]

Barrick Gold Corporation (USA) (NYSE:ABX) Spends $558 An Ounce As Wages For Miners Soar Up

Boston, MA 10/14/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Who once topped the list of exploited workers, are now on the top most of the list of the most highly paid workers. The gold miners in South Africa who were once the subject of racial criticism and were disowned by most under apartheid are today among the most highly paid […]

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