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Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) released annual Corporate Social Responsibility report

Boston, MA 06/26/2013 (wallstreetpr) – The share prices of Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) had been traded in the price range of $12.43 and $12.77 per share on Tuesday. The share price of the company had gradually advanced by 3.01 percent more than the previous day. The opening price is $12.61 per share, with a net […]

Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) violated the terms of the national mortgage settlement, (WFC), (JPM)

Boston, MA 06/20/2013 (wallstreetpr) – The share prices of Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) had declined by 0.60 percent to close at $13.19 per share for the end of last trading session on Wednesday. The shares of the bank holding company had been trading in the range of $13.17 to $13.40 per share during the day. […]

Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) trying for more mortgage-originations market share

Boston, MA 05/21/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Monday’s trading session saw Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) climbing up by 0.60%. It closed at a price of $13.51 which reached an intraday high of $13.60 before heading down to close at $13.39 per share. In excess of 88.94 million shares exchanged hands in the previous trading session, which […]

Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) improves its credit rating

Boston, MA 05/20/2013 (wallstreetpr) – The share prices of Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) surged by 0.93 percent and currently trading at $13.56. The bank holding company and the financial holding company had been trading in the range of $13.39 to $13.52 during the session. Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) had registered the highest price […]

MBIA INC. (NYSE:MBI) To Get $1.6 Billion In Bank Of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) Deal

Boston, MA 05/07/2013 (wallstreetpr) – The share prices of MBIA Inc. (NYSE:MBI) (Closed: $14.29, Up by 45.37%) surged as high as 57 percent to reach $15.45 which was recorded to be the highest intraday jump of the stock. This peak in share price of the company was a result of the Dow Jones Newswire report […]

Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) on a new strategy- C, WFC

Boston, MA 04/04/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Brian T. Moynihan, the Chief Executive Officer of Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) (Current: $11.87, Up by 0.68%) has called over 100 of the banks regional leaders for a private meeting. The objective of the meeting is to have the leaders buck up on performances in their respective segments and […]

FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX) exposed in overbilling case- says rival United Parcel Service, Inc (NYSE:UPS) will profit – BAC

Boston, MA 04/03/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Two different lawsuit firms have filed independent suits against FedEx Corporation (NYSE:FDX) (Current: $97.34, Up by 0.23%). The charges are that that the courier company has been knowingly and intentionally over-billing its customers for the commercial deliveries carried out by them. U.S. Magistrate Judge Charmiane Claxton passed the ruling in Memphis, […]

Citigroup must pass 2013 Fed stress-test – C, JPM, BAC, WFC, GS & MS

Boston, MA 03/08/2013 (wallstreetpr) – America’s third largest U.S bank Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) has sought permission from the Federal Reserve for a share buyback of $1.2 billion without an increase in dividend. A year earlier its request had been rejected. The company said that annual incentive compensation grant-related dilution would be offset by the buyback. […]

Cyberattack postings by Goldman and Citigroup – GS, C, BAc, JPM, WFC, STI, NYT, MA, HSBA, RY, MSFT, FB & AAPL

Boston, MA 03/05/2013 (wallstreetpr) – At the behest of the U.S government, shareholders of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc (NYSE:GS) and Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) have been warned about possible cyber attacks. All government agencies and banks have been instructed to raise the red flag. Mobile and online banking have given attackers an easy avenue to infiltrate […]

GM CEO may receive $11.1 million pay in 2013 – F, DDAIF, AIG, BAC, C & VLKAY

Boston, MA 02/26/2013 (wallstreetpr) – CEO salaries are hitting the roof and this year General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has plans to pay its CEO Dan Akerson, $11.1 million. The company’s top 25 executives are slated to get a total of $82 million in pay. In 2011 Akerson received $7.7 million though the target compensation for […]

Lenders revise Credit line -J.C Penney out of the blues – JCP, JPM, BAC & HLF

Boston, MA 02/25/2013 (wallstreetpr) – J.C. Penney Company, Inc (NYSE:JCP), the retailer has been reeling under losses of the last five consecutive quarters and William Ackman, hedge fund manger finally heaved a sigh of relief as he got lender clearance to the tune of billions of dollars, if necessary to clear its mounting debts and […]

Israeli company sees increase in orders – RDWR, BAC & JPM

Boston, MA 02/12/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Growth in sales of Radware Ltd.(NASDAQ:RDWR); the Israeli company providing security software to banks, may finally see an upward trend with increasing cyber crimes against the U.S. financial institutions such as Bank of America Corp.(NYSE:BAC) and JP Morgan Chase & Co.(NYSE:JPM) The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Roy Zisapel said, “Banks […]

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