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Applied DNA Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:APDN) Merges With Loftex to Introduce “Innovate With CertainT”

Applied DNA Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:APDN), has proclaimed its partnership with Loftex Home to initiate the ‘Innovate with CertainT,’ the first fully source-verified, recycled components in towels worldwide. Under the new agreement, Loftex will apply CertainT, an integrated supply chain platform to verify validity from source to retail. With this system, Loftex guarantees towels containing recycled […]

Applied DNA Sciences and the Textile Center of Excellence Roll Out New Anti-Counterfeiting Platform (APDN)

Applied DNA Sciences (OTC: APDN) and The Textile Center of Excellence at Huddersfield, United Kingdom, have come together to release a new platform that is aimed at providing protection to textile brands that have been suffering from malicious acts of counterfeiting. Applied DNA Sciences is an old hand at developing anti-counterfeiting technology that has a […]

Defense Department Tells Defense Contractors “No More Counterfeit Chips, You Make Enough Money” (APDN)

There are times when a company is absolutely gifted a bucket full of money by the government. Applied DNA Sciences (OTC: APDN) can add its name to that list today. In addition to the massive expected increases in the company’s revenue stream, the company’s stock shot up $0.04 to an all-time high of $0.11, closing […]

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