Boston, MA 10/08/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Tableau Software Inc (NYSE:DATA) made a press release stating that it has collaborated with MarkLogic Corporation to offer a supported and optimized MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL connector. The new connector will help businesses to use Tableau for the purpose of analyzing complete MarkLogic data.

Connecting With MarkLogic

Today, the data has gone through a dramatic change leading to integration challenges, but at the same time providing an opportunity for predictive analytics. Traditions form of databases are not equipped to provide an insight of today’s data forms, which is changing at a rapid pace. Hence, MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL comes as a handy tool to search and combine all forms of modern data right from email to social media. So, with Tableau Software Inc (NYSE:DATA) added to the MarkLogic’s database could help customers from non-technical background to even analyze new unstructured data.

Wins Morgan Stanley Favor

At the same time, Tableau Software Inc (NYSE:DATA) is successful to earn attention from Morgan Stanley analyst Keith Weiss, who has assigned Overweight rating to the company. The research firm has even raised the price target to $84, which represents 18% upside from the last closing price of $71.24. Weiss noted in his report that Tableau Software Inc (NYSE:DATA) has been constantly increasing its license revenue by more than 80% since the last four quarters.

He added that data analytics occupies top 3 CIO rank, where the company leads others with its powerful solutions that eclipses the traditional business intelligence. Weiss considers that the company is here for a long haul and can generate more profit leverage for the business. The only criteria for investors to look here is to ascertain how big data analytics market is and how Tableau could remain competitive. Also, it is to be seen if the company could attain its set target of operating profit margin in between 20% to 25%.