T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ: TMUS) Says It Has Overtaken AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) to Become Second Largest In Terms Of Subscribers

T-Mobile Us Inc (NASDAQ:TMUS) says it has claimed second positions in terms of wireless providers in the US after the company added more monthly subscribers than expected in the second quarter of 2020. The company says it has overtaken its rival AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) to claim the second position, although analysts argue that the numbers do not support the claims.

T-Mobile reaping from the COVID-19 pandemic

There is an increase in the number of people signing up to T-Mobile to stay connected and work remotely. Following the increase in the number of subscribers, the company’s share has since jumped. The company announced that it has overtaken AT&T for both postpaid and prepaid customers. Postpaid customers pay monthly recurring bills for their telephone services while prepaid customers pay for their telephone services in advance.

In both categories, T-Mobile reported 98.3 million customers compared to AT&T’s 93 million customers in the second quarter of 2020. It is hard to compare subscriber figures in the U.S, given the variety of plans offered by various service providers.

During 2Q, T-Mobile reported 253,000 new postpaid subscribers compared to 710,000, which it reported a year ago. Analysts projected that the company would add 169,200 new subscribers.

If the number of prepaid and postpaid customers is considered, T-Mobile claims the second position ahead of AT&T. However, if the number of more valuable postpaid subscribers is considered, AT&T claims second place. The second position is, therefore, determined by the type of subscribers considered.

T-Mobile US claims world first for 5G standalone deployment

There is a race among US telecoms to be the first in 5G deployments. Although US companies were among the first in 5G deployments, many have had an awful experience due to lack of access to mid-band spectrum. T-Mobile seems to have passed this stage with its 2.1 GHz spectrum licenses inherited via the Sprint acquisition.

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