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Supercom Ltd (NASDAQ:SPCB) Excited To Announce Its Winning Of An Important Electronic Monitoring Contract In North America

Supercom Ltd (NASDAQ:SPCB), which happens to be an industry leader with a major focus in the provision of secure solutions for the e-Government, healthcare, Public Safety and finance sectors has happily announced that it succeeded at securing a contract offering monitoring products as well as Pure Security Electronic Surveillance line of offender tracking.

According to a number of trusted sources, the new contract came from a government customer living in North America and was of course done through a competitive and forma l bidding process. At the moment, the company boasts of a 4-year initial term which is associated with a 2-year optional extension.

SuperCom’s revenues that come in line with the project have been approximated to stand at a figure of $1.7 million for a six-year term. The new contracted has already been executed and what remains now is the deployment which as a matter of fact will lead to the harvesting of recurring revenues in the following three months. As a matter of fact that will be resulting from the daily rate per active users of the service.

SuperCom will as a matter of fact be entrusted with the provision of technology whereas on the other hand the local partner will offer a wide range of services, project management being one of them. According to most of the company’s top executives, SuperCom is expected to be delivering as well as supplying central monitoring software and technical support services to help enhance the Electronic Supervision program in the zone.

Asides from that, it will be engaging in the delivery House Arrest monitoring equipment technology, something which according to the company’s analysts will help propel the project to the highest success levels.

SuperCom’s President of the Americas, Ordan Trabelsi, said that the contract further validated the hard work as well as the vision of the company’s business and engineering development moves in the electronic monitoring arena.

He added to say that by winning the competitive and formal bidding process with one of the top North American public agencies went a long way to reinforce it’s bottom-line. It will also greatly serve as an important reference point to the available opportunities worldwide.

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