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Stoners Play Video Games and Listen to Internet Radio? (MJNA)

Medical Marijuana (OTC: MJNA) does not cater to stoners. In fact, Medical Marijuana is a legitimate business that looks to offer its hemp-based product to those in need in accordance with all U.S. laws. The headline was simply too irresistible, not unlike those Doritos, Taco Bell at 3:00 a.m., Oreos, pickles and anything else in their parents’ fridges are to the stoners. Again, these stoners do not make up Medical Marijuana’s client base. Its website, while also not catering to stoners, can’t help but make those same non-customers drool.

This week, Medical Marijuana has had a number of officers from its subsidiaries and joint ventures appear on various Internet radio programs. These companies include Phytosphere, Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, HempMeds RX, Wellness Managed Services and CanChew Bio-Technologies.

These appearances and interviews led to a fantastic Wednesday trading session for Medical Marijuana. Following a close on Tuesday at $0.0285, trading for the company opened at $0.0330 and finally closed today’s session at $0.0368, up just shy of 30% for the day. Trading was especially heavy, more than doubling the three-month average with 7.2 million shares traded.

Medical Marijuana’s radio blitz began on Tuesday when President Michael Llamas did a live, on-air segment with Stock Traders Talk Radio. He spent the bulk of the interview discussing his desire and drive to become premier cannabis and hemp industry innovators, leveraging its team of professionals to source, evaluate and purchase value-added companies and products, while allowing them to keep their integrity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Later Tuesday evening saw Tripp Keber, managing director for Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, appearing on the Realm of Caring American Weed show on the iCannabis Radio channel, which is available on Sirius XM satellite radio as well as on Internet radio. Mr. Tripp discussed the successful launch of the Dixie X high-concentration, hemp-based, CBD-infused product line. These items provide a tasty introduction of CBDs via the oral mucosa, which provides for rapid and near complete absorption directly into the systemic circulation. CBDs are cannibinoids that represent nearly 40% of the extracted oils from the hemp plant.

Finally, Dr. George E. Annastassov of CanChew wrapped up the show for Medical Marijuana on Tuesday, appearing on Small Cap Voice’s Internet radio network. He spent the lion’s share of his time discussing the high-concentration, hemp-based, CBD-infused chewing gum. This product is expected to make its soft release on September 15, 2012, in United States, with international markets targeted for the beginning of 2013.

Quite surprisingly, given the FDA’s general stringency, the gum will be released in the over-the-counter market as a health and wellness product. CanChew gum is undergoing clinical development in the European Union for pain relief, relief for muscular spasticity, as well as relief from nausea related to chemotherapy.

It should be quite clear that this radio presence was not meant for the dope-smoking friendly, but the investment and medical community. Each year, medical marijuana use increases as its taboos are stripped from the days of “Reefer Madness” and grandchildren speak to their ill elders about its benefits. It should be mentioned that doctors are also more comfortable sharing this option with their patients as legislation permits. While Medical Marijuana’s future may remain hazy, it is well worth a non-glassy-eyed look at its performance and future.

Published by Brendan Byrne

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