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Stocks which rocked NASDAQ- IGOI, ACUR, JAXB, SFLY, & BIOL

Northern, WI 02/07/2013 (wallstreetpr) -IGOI (NASDAQ:IGOI): iGo Inc. develops and designs products like power devices, batteries, audio and protection solutions for mobile electronics. iGo (NASDAQ:IGOI) stock increased $1 (31.25%) and closed at $4.20 per share. The increase came into effect as the company announced reverse stock split which was approved by the board in January 2013, which has come into effect on 5th February 2013. As per the split, the shareholders will get a single share for every 12 shares held. The company also announced a number of cost saving initiatives to reduce its workforce and operating expenses. By increasing the cash reserves on hand the company can add more products to its existing innovative business.

ACUR (NASDAQ:ACUR): Acura Pharmaceuticals utilizes its Aversion and Impede technologies to address medication abuse and misuse and is involved in the research and development of products to control abuses. The company had filed Investigational new drug application (IND) with Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As per the agreement of this filing, Acura can test the product after 30 days from the filing if no questions are raised by FDA.

JAXB (NASDAQ:JAXB): Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc. bank, holding 100 percent interest in the Jacksonville bank., provides community banking services to businesses and individuals in Duval country, Florida. The company’s share rose 20.99% and closed at $2.19 per share. JAXB announced the increase in capital of $50 Million by its largest shareholder Capgen Capital group. After the news the stock rose steadily. Net income for Q4, 2012 stood at $3567000 against $3286000 Year on Year.

SFLY (NASDAQ:SFLY): Shutterfly Inc, provides a range of photo based products that allows users to create, enhance, upload, edit, organize, print, share, find and preserve their memories through its technologies. Share prices of the company rose 20.27% on Wednesday and closed at $40.40 per share. The increase in share price was mainly due to the results announced by the company yesterday, Net income for Q4 stood at $53 Million against $35.4 Million during the previous year, marking a net increase of 33 percent. Gross margin widened to 60.5 per cent.

BIOL (NASDAQ:BIOL): Biolase Inc. develops and manufactures dental imaging equipment and other related products designed for applications in dentistry and medicine. BIOL (NASDAQ:BIOL) share increased 19.43% and closed at $3.38 per share. The company received FDA Clearance for its 940 Nano meter Diolase 10™ diode soft tissue laser for a broad spectrum of medical procedures in 19 additional medical markets.

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