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Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Collaborates With I-New Unified Mobile Solutions, A Move Expected To Help Deliver Improved Services To The US MVNO Market

Sprint Corp(NYSE:S), one of the high end US communication services providers and the multiple industry awarded technology solutions provider have according sources gotten into the signing of a cooperation contract which will of course see the two collaborate towards providing top-notch services to the US MVNO market.

According to a number of top analysts, I-New Unified Mobile Solutions has beyond any reasonable cloud of doubt managed to uphold vigilance in its business operations and at the moment it happens to be one of the fastest growing technology solutions providers in the digital communication arena and at the same time remains one of the most trusted providers of MVNE services over lightweight BSS supporting MVNOs and MNOs successfully.

By the company settling to the signing up of an agreement contract with the US communication services giant Sprint, it guaranteed customers of better services. The collaboration would as a matter of fact ensure enablement services to the North American MVNO customer base.

From the records, Sprint enables about 60 million connections and is greatly renowned for developing, deploying as well as engineering innovative technologies and of course that includes the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the U.S; top no-contract brands covering Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA and Assurance Wireless; global Tier 1 internet backbone, instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities.

A few years back, I-New had made tremendous steps forward towards becoming one of the most preferred business support partners of the established Network Operators to facilitate digital business transformation over full and lightweight Business Support Solutions.

Technological advancements are taking root globally and it is interesting observing the wild rush by companies to make the most of these advancements. According to a number of the top analysts, various companies globally, and that includes Sprint are making the most out of such advancements and as a result they are able to carry out major expansions as well as widen their customer base.

 One of the top executives working within Sprint came out clearly to express that Sprint has laid down numerous strategies that will see its dream to become and industry leader reach fruition.

Published by Fiona Gibson

Fiona is a finance graduate and an expert in analyzing market trends.

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