Soros-backed district attorney caught ‘pursuing other careers’ as Missouri AG takes action for her removal

A Soros-backed district attorney was caught by the Missouri attorney general – who is attempting to remove her from office for refusing to prosecute violent criminals – taking nursing classes at a university which require may require clinical hours. 

“We know she’s not doing her job. Now, we have evidence that it’s not only that she’s not doing her job, she’s also doing some something else instead,” Attorney General Daniel Bailey said. 

“She needs to vacate the office and resign immediately… She should have done so months ago because clearly she has no interest in discharging her official obligations, and she’s interested in pursuing other careers.” 

Bailey said Gardner, according to Missouri statutes, must “devote full time and energy to the discharge of her official duties.” 


Multiple sources of evidence confirmed to the office that Gardner is enrolled in classes at Saint Louis University. The attorney general issued subpoenas to the university to determine which classes she is taking and the hours she is putting into her clinicals as her office faces major delays in prosecutions due to staffing shortages. 

Gardner faces removal from her position of circuit attorney if the AG is successful in proving his case against her. A judge ruled Tuesday evening that the case against Gardner will move to trial on seven counts of willful neglect. 

Bailey said he was concerned about Gardner’s professionalism in any career path, especially one that deals with patients in a medical setting given what he believed was a wanton disregard for human life in St. Louis exhibited by her as circuit attorney. 


“If she cared about saving lives she would be enforcing the law and protecting victims rights. She clearly doesn’t care about saving life otherwise she would be doing the job that city of St. Louis is paying her to do. So I worry about patients here as well,” he said. 

Since Gardner was elected into office in 2017, her attorneys have routinely failed to show up to court – resulting in murderers and other violent criminals being let out on the streets.

“I want her to have a meeting with every victim’s family for every court case she missed or every case she dismissed because she was busy at nursing school instead of taking care of her job. And she should have to look those families in the eye and explain to them why their families don’t get justice over the loss of their loved one because she was too busy pursuing other things,” Bailey said. 

Gardner also brought in far-left organization Vera Institute of Justice that aided in dropping 25,000 criminal cases. They also trained her staff to increase the refusal rate of prosecuting cases in order to restore racial equity to the system.


The Soros-linked organization receives 86% of its funding from federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, which amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, Fox News Digital reported . Within the last 12 months Vera received $290M in taxpayer dollars. 

“What’s important is that she is blatantly violating the statute that requires her to devote her full time and energy to her official duties. And at some point, that becomes a criminal offense if she’s being paid to be the circuit attorney and doing some other job instead,” Bailey said.

He clarified that the potential criminal violation, if proven, would be that she is “stealing from the public.”

“The public is paying her to be the sort of attorney to prosecute criminals, and instead she’s taking classes,” he said. 

Gardner’s office released a statement to Fox News Digital, which said, “Circuit Attorney Gardner believes the issues in our criminal justice system often relate to our broken healthcare system. After serving as a line attorney at the Circuit Attorney’s Office and seeing firsthand the underlying issues that drive crime, she became a Registered Nurse. She continues to stay current with classes at Saint Louis University to add to her training and advance her mission at the CAO. The Circuit Attorney has done this at great personal cost to her time with her family and loved ones. Any suggestion that she is not fully committed to her duties as Circuit Attorney is blatantly false.”

Bailey said, “I would also point out her excuse is that, ‘Well, health care is part of the criminal justice systems, but that’s not true. She doesn’t get to define the criminal justice system as whatever she wants it to be. It’s defined in statute that she shall manage all the criminal cases in the city.”

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