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Solos Endoscopy Share Price Surges As New Instrument Line Begins (SNDY)

Solos Endoscopy (OTC: SNDY) staged huge rally today, rising a respectable 37.8% to a share price of $0.0051. Volume of the stock spiked to nearly 31.8 million shares, bypassing its average of 6.6 million shares.

With today’s rally, the year-to-date gain of Solos Endoscopy now totals 70%. Solos Endoscopy staged huge rallies earlier this year and peaked at $0.02 per share on March 26, 2012, which has been the stock’s highest closing price year to date. The stock had been steadily declining since that point until today’s respectable rebound.

Today’s rally and jump in volume of Solos Endoscopy stock could be explained by two things:

First, the stock has had great record in its previous performance, and investors may see the potential for Solos Endoscopy to climb back up to its previous glory.

Secondly, the rally today might be directly linked to the company’s news announcement this morning, July 13, 2012, when Solos Endoscopy announced that it has begun marketing the new  endoscopic instrument line, SteriTAP (TM). Solos Endoscopy’s SteriTAP(TM) Instruments are designed to be the ultimate sterile “take apart” endoscopic instruments of their kind, and will be marketed and sold worldwide by Solos Endoscopy.

According to the analysis at reportlinker.com, the demand for endoscope services is increasing due to an increase in the aging and chronically ill population worldwide. Advancements in endoscopic technologies and inclusion of various types of lighting sources, video cameras, and real-time conversion of data into three-dimensional images are also driving this market.

Solos Endoscopy stock has been promoted by a number of newsletters. There are 33 results found on stockpromoters.com regarding the stock promotion of Solos Endoscopy, while none of the recent promotions are listed as having been compensated. According to @pennystock24 on Twitter, Penny Trader COM promoted Solos Endoscopy today.

Here are some more recent headlines for Solos Endoscopy:

  • June 19, 2012: Solos Endoscopy announced that the company will be expanding its MammoView® Breast Endoscopy product line and marketing its MammoView® Breast Endoscopy Components to hospitals across the country and internationally through direct sales channels.
  • June 13, 2012: Solos Endoscopy announced that the company had been able to successfully reduce its inventory costs for the 2nd Quarter which has resulted in an increased profit margin for its endoscopic instruments.

Solos Endoscopy is a healthcare instrument company. Solos Endoscopy’s mission is to develop and market high quality and innovative instruments for the screening, diagnosis, treatment and management of medical conditions.

Published by Fiona Gibson

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