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Social media shreds Biden post claiming ‘Bidenomics’ has been ‘lowering costs’: ‘Literally nothing costs less’

Several social media users slammed President Joe Biden after his official X, formerly Twitter, account plugged “Bidenomics” and all the great work the president’s economic policies have done for the country in a post on Tuesday.

In the post, Biden declared that his policies have continued to grow the economy and lowered costs for American families.

However, many users on the social media platform blasted Biden for the claim, stating the “nothing costs less” and that their savings are “gone.”


Biden, or someone on his team, shared the post Tuesday, which consisted of an image of the president smiling next to a quote attributed to him about the success of “Bidenomics.”

Biden’s quote said, “We’re growing the economy from the middle out and bottom up, lowering costs for hardworking families, and making smart investments in America: that’s Bidenomics.”

Users swarmed the post, claiming it was out of touch with the economic reality many Americans are facing.

Former GOP U.S. Senate Candidate in New York, Paul Szypula, ripped the post, “Biden is NOT ‘lowering costs for hardworking families.’Because of inflation prices are up on everything an average of 17% above what they were under Trump.”

Szypula added, “Bidenomics has made all Americans poorer.”

Podcast host Ryan Knight replied to Biden’s post, stating, “That’s gaslighting.”

Conservative account “Witchy Chick” insisted, “Literally nothing costs less.”

Investor and podcaster “The Wolf of All Streets” trashed Biden’s claim, stating, “No you’re not. Just saying words does not make them true.”

Disgruntled X user “tracer” disputed the president’s claims with his own economic straits. He posted, “Thanks Joe, you’re doing great. My savings is gone. My groceries are getting close to being unaffordable and I’m wondering if I’m going to have to sleep at my moms house a few nights a week so I can continue going to work. Thanks a lot.”


Conservative and media publicist Jillian Anderson added, “Since you took Office, groceries are up 19.7%, eggs alone are 3x’s more expensive…”

And conservative influencer Bobby D. stated, “Bidenomics- 8% interest to buy a house, 3.5% inflation and $5 gas. Great job.”

Not only has the Biden administration been criticized by political opponents for trying to spin “Bidenomics” as a policy success, but it has also been questioned by the mainstream media.

Recently, CNN anchor Victor Blackwell confronted White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for the rosy economic spin. He claimed, “[Biden’s] approval rating for his handling of the economy is at 37%, 30% on inflation specifically. From the White House perspective, why is there a disparity between the good story, the narrative you think you have to tell, and how it’s received by the American people.”

When Jean-Pierre dismissed these concerns about the economy, Blackwell asked, “We know the polls show that people are pretty sour, at least half the American people are sour on the economy. Isn’t that just dangerous getting closer to the election if things take a downturn?”

He added, “Why literally fuse the president’s name with the economics that Americans aren’t very happy with?” Jean-Pierre insisted that Bidenomics is “indeed working.”


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