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SGD Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:SGDH) attracting quality investors, volume on the rise

Boston, MA, 11/11/2013 – SGD HOLDINGS LTD (OTCMKTS:SGDH), via its 100%-owned subsidiary EcoPaper Inc,  is involved in manufacturing and marketing of treeless-paper in Costa Rica. This paper is acid-free, durable and chemical free. It is manufactured via an innovative process that has been developed by SGD HOLDINGS LTD (OTCMKTS:SGDH).

Environment-friendly processes: It utilizes fibers that have been obtained from agricultural and post-consumer waste. Fibers like hemp, banana, lemon, sugar-cane & coffee are used. The inks that are used in the process are also of organic-origin and are obtained from vegetable and soy oil. Paper SGD HOLDINGS LTD (OTCMKTS:SGDH) uses the water content that is available in banana pulp, and thus reduces its water requirement. As no chemicals are used in the process, the waste-water doesn’t pollute the environment.

Via its subsidiary EcoPaper, SGD HOLDINGS LTD (OTCMKTS:SGDH) has an advantage in its product range. It also has a well-established distribution channel- 1 Online Channel 2 Wholesalers and 3- Retail Chains. A detailed stock report can be found at (URL)

Q3 results

SGD HOLDINGS LTD (OTCMKTS:SGDH) last declared quarterly-results for the period that ended 30 June 2013. The company revenues dropped from $47K to $13K and there was a drop from 31% to 29% in gross margins, in comparison to the 2013 Q2. In the first 6 months, the company suffered a 5% revenue loss in comparison to the same period of 2012. There was a drop to 18% in gross margins in comparison to the 30% that it stood at in the same quarter of 2012. SGD HOLDINGS LTD (OTCMKTS:SGDH) was able to bring down its net loss before extraordinary- items in the first 6 months, from $189,675 to $160,837.

It has taken numerous steps to ensure that its revenues & profits are not hit for the rest of the year. It has listings on A tie-up with a global-sales consulting firm and has also started selling to 3rd-party suppliers.

Please read the complete report HERE.

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