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Searchable LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) Database Reveals 27,000 Resumes

LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) searchable database revealed resumes of more than 27,000 US intelligence communities. The search mine created by Transparency Toolkit is called ICWatch and will include the resumes of the people who are working in the military and intelligence agencies or as intelligence contractors.

According to Transparency Toolkit, the resumes are in detail and reveal the functioning of the secret surveillance programs, their names, and the secret code words previously not disclosed. The resumes are available in searchable form so that people can use them for understanding the process of mass surveillance better. The resumes are expected to unravel the research trends carried out by the intelligence community.

Database Derived Using LookingGlass

The group has said that the data was gathered from the public profiles uploaded on LinkedIn and search terms such as intelligence departments and agencies, code words, intelligence contractors and industry were used. Transparency Toolkit built special search software known as LookingGlass to enable the creation of a database to such a vast extent.

The creation of LookingGlass has made browsing the required data much easier. Both the ICWatch and the LookingGlass data are being released on the Github. The website of the group says that the Transparency Toolkit makes use of open data to keep a watch on the watchers. The group built free software so that different sources of open data can be collected and analyzed.

After that, the group members team up with the human rights organizations and investigative journalists to turn the gathered data into actionable, useful knowledge. At present, the focuses of the group are the human rights abuses and investigating surveillance.

Three people have worked behind the creation of the Transparency Toolkit group. They include Kevin Gallagher, activist, writer and a researcher of the private intelligence contracting industry, Brennan Novak, designer and co-founder of the open source email encrypted project Mailpile and M.C.McGrath, the director and the founder of the project. McGrath is also a former MIT Media Lab researcher and a Thiel Fellow.

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