SEAN HANNITY: The media’s ‘Biden Protection Program’ is back

Fox News host Sean Hannity reacted to President Biden getting caught with a reporter cheat sheet with crib notes detailing reporter’s question prior to calling on her during a press conference at the White House Rose Garden.

SEAN HANNITY: Now, of course, Joe also loves a good cheat sheet and a compliant media mob. Take a look at your screen now. This is a picture of a note card that Biden was holding yesterday at a press conference entitled ‘Reporter Q&A’ with the sub-headline ‘Question #1’, followed by a reporter’s name, her picture and where she works, The L.A. Times. And the card also detailed the exact question she wanted to ask. It was about semiconductor manufacturing. And right on cue, Biden called on the L.A. Times reporter for the first question. And guess what she asked about… semiconductor manufacturing. But now the L.A. Times and the Biden White House, they’re denying that there was any collusion at all whatsoever… Why lie that there is photographic evidence that Biden got the question in advance as Senator Marco Rubio tweeted, quote, ‘Biden has the media in his pocket. Literally in his pocket.’ 


By the way, we knew this for years, right? We always knew that they were an extension of the Biden press office. Right. And anyway, so this is not journalism. This is teamwork. Biden and the mob are operating as one unit. Now, if this was the Trump White House, you know, fake news, CNN and MSNBC and of course, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, they would have a total meltdown fit over all of this. Jim Acosta, probably he’d be crying. Humpty Dumpty would be apoplectic. By the way, he’s been MIA. Does anyone know where Humpty has gone lately? I’ve no idea. But because Biden is a Democrat, he gets a pass, just business as usual. And the so-called journalists wonder why Americans no longer trust the media. Can they really be this stupid? But one thing is clear, as 2024 now nears, the media’s ‘Biden Protection Program‘ is back. It is more corrupt than ever before. And mark my words, this night, he will once again run a campaign from his basement and he will hide. 


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