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SEAN HANNITY: The illusion has been shattered

FOX News host Sean Hannity calls out Democrats for being “deeply unhappy” with President Biden as he trails 10 points behind former President Donald Trump in the latest ABC-Washington Post poll Monday on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Bad news for your president, Joe Biden. He is now polling worse than ever, losing to Donald Trump by a whopping double digits. Biden is now down 10 points in a brand-new ABC News-Washington Post poll. And as much as Democrats and the media mob would like to pretend that it’s just an outlier, well, the last eight polls showed Donald Trump in the lead, or at least tied with Biden in a hypothetical matchup. In multiple polls, Biden’s approval is at an all-time low. Even Democrats are deeply unhappy with the 80-year-old who now occupies the White House. 


Earlier in the week, Biden confused the Congressional Hispanic Caucus with the Congressional Black Caucus during a speech honoring the Hispanic Caucus. Before that, he told the exact same story twice in a mere matter of minutes during a fundraiser. Hmm. What is that an indication of? Let’s think. Not difficult to figure out. He also got lost on stage during an appearance with the Brazilian president, forgetting to even shake the guy’s hand, just walking off into nowhere-land. Obviously, Biden’s age, his cognitive decline is a top concern among Democrats and frankly, among every American. We got every week, he brings more shame, more embarrassment to the Democratic Party and frankly, to the country. And as the 2024 election is now approaching. 

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