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SEAN HANNITY: How many more Americans must be targeted before Biden takes action?

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Monday night that the Biden administration “turned a blind eye” to the threat of Iran. Hannity blamed President Biden’s foreign policy on this weekend’s “preventable” attack.


SEAN HANNITY: American soldiers abroad are under attack. Three brave members of the U.S. Army, they were killed. And we had, what, over 40 more injured in a drone attack on a base in Jordan yesterday. One official is now saying that the drone evaded U.S. defenses because it was mistaken for an American drone. Well, that begs the question, what’s going on with our military? We know our defense secretary spent days in the ICU with the commander-in-chief having no knowledge of it at all. Now there are three soldiers dead because of a drone from an Iranian proxy was mistaken for a U.S. one. Now, since October the 17th, there have been at least 165 attacks carried out on our U.S. forces. You see the locations on your screen.

How many more times do American troops need to be targeted and attacked before we have a president who will take action and defend them? After all the previous attacks and no response from President Joe, this now became inevitable. Just like no consequences ever for Russia or China or Iran. All these groups causing chaos and destruction in the Middle East. You have Hamas, Hezbollah, the the Houthi rebels. They’re all funded and backed by Iran, the number one state sponsor of terror. 

 What is happening in the Middle East is devastating, and sadly, all of it preventable were it not for Joe’s failed and very weak leadership 

Source – https://www.foxnews.com/media/sean-hannity-many-more-americans-targeted-biden-takes-action