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SEAN HANNITY: Democrats are running scared

FOX News host Sean Hannity calls out the Biden family’s foreign business dealings and says Democrats are “running scared” on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: The 2024 election year is less than a year away. Democrats — they are running scared, and in all likelihood, 80-year-old Joe Biden will be the party’s nominee. Democrats then will be forced to face a pretty uncomfortable truth, and that is that Joe has massive problems, and not just his declining physical and cognitive health or his vast policy failures.  


Tonight, the corruption claims against the president and his family — they are very, very real. Multiple House and Senate investigations have already detailed what is an extensive money trail, all exposing the flow of foreign cash right into Biden family bank accounts. Now, according to multiple witnesses and whistleblowers, emails and texts, the Bidens were selling access and influence to Joe Biden. 

According to his own son, Hunter, the Big Guy — his father — was taking a cut. Now, of course we knew about this apparent corruption well before the 2020 election. Now, you know what? The left, the media mob, they can no longer censor the truth. Big tech, remember, they were humiliated. Twitter, or X? Well, that’s now under new ownership. 

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