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SEAN HANNITY: Biden’s policies have resulted in nothing but widespread chaos here at home and abroad

FOX News host Sean Hannity gives his take on President Biden‘s job as commander-in-chief and the White House’s reponse to attacks against U.S. forces in the Middle East on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Also tonight, Joe Biden is weakness embodied on every single level. He’s now mired in scandals and serious allegations of corruption. His policies now have resulted in nothing but widespread chaos here at home and abroad, suffering and violence all around the world and he seems not to know what to do about any of it. And worst of all, Joe does not seem to understand that literally everything that is going on domestically and on the world stage, frankly, maybe it’s his cognitive decline, maybe it’s his cognitive dissonance. But Joe Biden just is not in touch with reality. Today, he was seemingly unaware of his historically bad poll numbers when questioned by our very own Peter Doocy. 


And by the way, it wasn’t a Sean Hannity poll, a Fox News poll, [it was a] New York Times poll. And meanwhile, his approval rating is nearing all time lows in nearly every major poll, getting as low as 36 in Reuters. And it’s really not a mystery as to why. Americans are far less safe under Joe Biden’s pathetically weak leadership. Just in the past 24 hours alone our US soldiers that are stationed in the Middle East have been attacked four more times by Iranian proxies. Now, that brings the total number of attacks to a whopping 46 in just the past couple of weeks. So, how has Joe Biden responded? Sadly, he hasn’t done much of anything outside of two very small strikes on what were remote, empty warehouses in Syria. That’s not a response. Joe seems to think that he’s taking on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard head-on. Uh, no, he’s not.

He didn’t hit the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He hit empty warehouses. So needless to say, Iran and their proxies are undeterred. Now, the attacks have only increased in recent days, no signs of slowing down. So naturally, instead of fighting back, Joe is ready to capitulate. In fact, he is now pressuring Israel to call for a cease-fire. Why the cease-fire? They are defending their very country. 

It was the worst attack in Israel’s history. One month after that, he’s saying, oh, we need a pause in the fighting. No, we don’t. What Israel needs is our support for their complete and total victory over radical extremists and terrorists. Joe seems a little too uncomfortable politically with Israel’s fight for their survival against a terrorist regime that is openly vowing to murder Israelis again and again and again until they are all dead. 

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